Travel changes people. I grew up with parents that valued vacations, travel and showing my sister and I the world. Some type of trip or get-a-way was booked at all times and no trip was complete until the journal was filled in. When I married Jeremy, it was important that he also enjoyed seeing the world. Being a young adult, I realized how easy it would be to put travel on the back burner, always thinking there would be time later on. I came up with the idea of "50 States in 50 Years" as a way to always keep me thinking and planning about our next special get-a-way. Allowing ourselves one year to visit our chosen state provided time for planning and saving. We just celebrated our big 5th wedding anniversary and on that special day every year, we draw a new state. Next year we are looking forward to Minnesota! Every state has things to see and do that we never would have discovered without "50 States in 50 Years". Being a mother of three young children, I am so excited to think about them reading through our journal filled with all of our great adventures in the future.


Come join me in travel...Your Adventure Awaits!